Soroban Workshop - Soroban and its benefits


Date    : Sat 28th March 2020

Time   : 10:00-11:00  (Arrival from 9:45 for 10:00 start)

Venue : Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation (13/14 Cornwall Terrace (Outer Circle) London NW1 4QP)

*If you put the above address in on Google map, it will guide you to the back of the building, so please search 'Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation' and come to the building from the Outer Circle side.

Nearest train station : Baker Street Station (7 minutes walk to the venue) 


Booking is essential, however the workshop is free of charge.  Please book on by completing this form:


The Soroban is the Japanese abacus.  It enables you to add, subtract, multiply and divide much faster and more confidently than you can with a paper and pencil - and with practice, as quickly as a calculator.  It is part of the Japanese national maths curriculum, and used in several other nations that achieve high numeracy levels.  Over time, by using Soroban, students build a mental picture that enables excellent mental calculation ability.

​In this workshop, you will learn how Soroban works and its benefits, by using a Soroban for yourself.  
Those who have learnt Soroban and those who have never learnt Soroban are all welcome. (Children age 7 and over are welcome too.)

During the workshop, we will have a demonstration by 3 Japanese Soroban Champions too.  It's a very rare opportunity to be able to closely see their amazing mental calculation ability and speed.