English Yomiage-zan event
(Joint online lesson with one of the Soroban clubs in Japan)


Saturday 7th August 2021

9:00-9:30 a.m. : Students who is currently learning 10th grade

9:30-10:00 a.m. : Students who is currently learning 9th Grade and above

*All students are welcome to attend both sessions.

<English Yomiage-zan event (*Online)>

Yomiage-zan is an application in which students calculate numbers by listening to the questions that are read out by teachers.

Our club will hold a joint English Yomiage-zan event with one of the Soroban clubs in Japan.

Students in the Japanese club are working on the English Yomiage-zan to attend a competition to be held in Kanagawa branch of one of the biggest Soroban authorities in Japan (全国珠算教育連盟 神奈川県支部) so we will have a great opportunity to have a joint online Yomiage-zan lesson with them.

The questions are usually read out by teachers, however we would like students to be able to read big numbers fluently as well, so we will ask volunteer students from both our club and the Japanese Soroban club to read out the questions during this event. (1 question per student, up to 5 students from each club)

The selected volunteer students should practice reading out the questions (3-12 digit numbers) by the event day.